100 Plus+++ (124 Pc) Novelty Toy Assortment for Party Favor Bags, Piñata, Carnival Prizes, or School Classroom Rewards Box (Includes Sticky Hands, Flying Frogs, Disc Shooters, Mustache Lip Whistles, & Other Small to Medium Fun Toys).

$32.99 (as of June 20, 2019, 3:13 am) $23.99

Our 100 Plus+++ Novelty Toy Assortment is filled with fun toys kids are known to love. The toy assortment includes:
Smaller prizes include: 12 Glitter Sticky Hands and 12 Disc Shooters each individually wrapped. 12 Cute Rings with rhinestone, 12 Mustache Lip Whistles, 12 Flying Frogs, and Monkey Paratroopers.
Larger prizes include: 4 Airplane Gliders (7″ x 8″ Simple assembly required), 4 Disguise Glasses, 4 Princess Wands, 4 Cell Phone Water Games, and 4 Pink Diamond Rings each packaged in a pastel organza bag.