Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers – 12 Pack – Thin Style

12 RICH VIVID COLORS – The only dry erase markers on Amazon that come in 12 assorted colors including Light Blue, Medium Blue, Gold, Brown, Light Green, Dark Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark Blue and Black. These whiteboard markers come in an elegant yet simple and convinient plastic case that makes this set a perfect gift. Competes with Expo, Board Dudes and Quartet.
STYLE & GIFT QUALITY – Because you appreciate beauty, style and top quality. Great for white boards, glass and all non porous surfaces. Makes Beautiful & Practical Gift for Work, School, Home and Office.
THIN STYLE – The only thin style markers on Amazon. We know exactly how you fell when you use those uncomfertable ‘thick’ dryerase markers. It’s a strange felling isn’t it? Our whiteboard markers fell just like writing with a normal pen on paper!