Hover Protect Clear Protective Film Parent

PROTECT YOUR SCOOTER – Self Balancing Scooters’ smooth finish can easily be scratch especially when you are learning to operate or teaching others. Protect your machine with our film which gives you a durable layer of protection against rolls on hard surfaces. Our film has been used for years to protect car paint from rock chips at 70mph and now you can use it to protect your self balancing scooter. SCOOTER NOT INCLUDED. Wheel cover protection NOT INCLUDED.
CRYSTAL CLEAR PROTECTION WHERE YOU NEED IT – Your original board colors will shine through our crystal clear polyurethane film. Our 8mil thick film with its strong adhesive backing is nearly invisible after application and covers from end to end over the wheels (you trim the end to fit exactly).
PERMANENT UNLESS DELIBERATELY REMOVED – The film can be removed with no damage to the finish by picking an edge up and pulling and stretching it as you pull at a low angle (like 3M command strips). You can also use a heat gun if the paint starts coming off. The film is very durable and will absorb most scratches or scuffs, but if you need to remove it, you can. You can also add multiple layers and maintain the same clarity.