LEGO Chima Flying Phoenix Fire Temple, Includes 7 Minifigures With Weapons

Phoenix Fire Temple features base opening/closing function, load-and-fire bombing feature, 2 gun turrets with gun sight and seats for minifigures, opening gate, pool of fire balls and translucent flame elements, plus fire CHI power mode flying Phoenix with fire CHI, ball shooters, load-and-fire bombing feature and phoenix detailing
Saber-tooth vehicle features clawing function, CHI, ball shooter, ice fangs, claws and tail plus detachable flyer with posable wings, Weapons include a Wingfurno for Fluminox, Flikker for Flinx, Emberstaf for Foltrax, Tygafyre for Tormak, Roarburn for Li’Ella, Koldstaf for Stealthor and a Double Axicles for Voom Voom, Place Phoenix minifigures in the gun turret seats and target the invaders
Unleash the fire bombs with the LEGO Chima Fire Temple, Enter fire CHI power mode to convert part of the Temple into a flying, Phoenix Claw the temple wall with the Saber-tooth vehicle