Science Ninjas : Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry + Simple Rules + Ninjas! Teach Kids How Molecules Form and Chemicals Interact!

$30.00 (as of May 8, 2019, 11:37 am) $22.00

PLAY, LEARN, WIN: In Valence, you’ll take on the character of a Science Ninja, weave together elements and create new molecules to earn points and win the card game! But beware, some combinations can yield unforeseen results.
TEACH CHEMISTRY THE FUN WAY: If your kids are too young for the lab, but you want to get across basic and advanced chemistry concepts, nothing beats Valence. It’s all here – from molecule formation, to acids and bases, to chemical reactions. Valence helps you meet STEM learning goals and is the ideal teaching tool for engaging both high achieving students and those struggling with chemistry concepts.
SIMPLE START: If you can add to 0, you can play Valence. But the gameplay basics quickly lead to more complex interactions that spice things up and turn up the intrigue factor. Simple instructions and an online video quickly show players exactly how the game works. Then the fun – and learning – begin. The cool part? All the interactions that occur in the game can and do occur in real-world science.

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