Smart Trike All in One: 6-in-1

Multifunctional Product Grows with Your Child- From 6 Months+ up to 4 Years!/ Weight Capacity: 40 lbs
Rocker: (Fitted for 6 Month+) Rocking Base with 4 Fold-Out Wheels- Indoor Use for Rocking Baby to Sleep and Wheeling About the House/ Reclining Seat with Supportive Back Rest- Extra Comfort Lets Child Nap/ Padded Soft Seat Cover with 3 Point Harness- Safety and Extra Comfort
Push Along Ride On: (Fitted for 10 month+) Remove Rocker Base and Product Transforms- Easy to Remove/ Parent Control Handle- for Easy Steering/ Quality, Washable Bag for Storage- Attaches to Handle/ Built-in Foot Rest/ Stabilizers- Safety Feature

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