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Epic Kids Toys is dedicated to offering gift givers, parents and grandparents an up-to-the minute look into what’s hot in toys and entertainment for kids. At EpicKidsToys.com, we do reviews on games, movies, toys, video games, books and apps—every day—to make it easy for you to find the perfect toys for every kid in your life.

Along with our in-depth toy reviews, we’ll be offering a spring and summer gift guide, along with a bonus gift guide to help you get through the holiday season. At Epic, you’re guaranteed to find the best kids toys that are available today. Follow us on social media and get immediate access to recent reviews, giveaways and current information on the best toys for kids.

What Makes Epic so Great?

Our editorial staff tests and reviews toys every day (don’t you wish you could get paid for that?) It’s our job to bring you the latest toys, and our staff has many years of experience in the kids’ toy industry. We go to trade shows, we’ve forged relationships with manufacturers and we talk to industry experts and retailers on a regular basis. Because we live and breathe the toy industry, we know what makes for a great toy.

How are Toys Evaluated?

Because we know what goes into awesome toys, we evaluate them on a five-point basis: skill building, originality, value, fun factor and product integrity. We work to ensure that buyers get a good value for their money, we evaluate toys’ social and educational benefits, and we use the toys to determine how well kids will respond.

Is Epic Kids Toys a Toy Seller?

No, we’re not a toy retailer. However, our gift guides and detailed reviews include ‘buy now’ buttons you can click to buy the latest toys at retailers like Toys R Us and Amazon.

I’m on Youtube. Can You Send Me Toys to Review?

Epic isn’t looking for additional Youtube partnerships right now, but we still look forward to hearing from you. Email us if you have any ideas on how we can work together to find the most popular kids toys.

I Bought Toys Based on Your Recommendation and They Broke!

As Epic Kids Toys doesn’t sell or make the toys we review, you’ll have to call the retailer where you bought the toy, or email the toy maker for help.

We’d love to help you with your next holiday toy guide or TV interview. Contact our PR department with details on what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

To start browsing for the perfect toy for your kid today, simply visit our toy store today!