12 Inch Dark Skin Girl Play Doll, Comes Dressed with Clothing, Shoes and Matching Puppy Purse, Blinking Eyes and Cute Expressions.

SUPER CUTE LOVE-ABLE DOLL: Precision crafted such that it oozes out loads of cuteness which can make any toddler fall in love with it. The dolls also come in 3 different designs to let you choose the one that goes well with your lifestyle – the designs are differentiated by clothing style, hair color and skin tone.
NATURAL APPEARANCE AND REALISTIC DETAILS: Unlike other dolls available in the market which look like lifeless pieces of rubber, our dolls look like real babies and have intricate details like blinking eyes, natural expressions and rightly proportioned arms and legs.
EFFECTIVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT: This incredible doll provides a superior alternative for pretend play – it helps in cognitive development of the child and instils in her emotions of love and nurturing. The doll also comes with a cute Puppy Purse, Hair Brushes, and a Butterfly Clip to make it a perfect play set!