Amlong Crystal Meditation Divnation Sphere Feng Shui Crystal Ball, Lensball, Decorative Ball with Wooden Stand and Gift Box, Yellow, 2 inch (50mm) Diameter Price: $18.97 (as of 01/01/2020 21:12 PST- Details)

Our flawless crystal ball is handmade, polished, and inspected to ensure the highest K9 quality and consistency. Each crystal sphere is examined for clarity, and impurities before being packaged. It is made from 100% reconstituted quartz crystal. This process includes melting the quartz down and reforming at high temperature to ensure the highest clarity possible. A crystal ball has many uses, among the most common are photography, healing, meditation, Feng Shui, and home décor.
The crystal ball has the energy of harmony and perfection owing to its spherical shape. In Feng Shui, crystal balls are used to bring harmonious, calming energy to any space. Place a crystal ball or two around to change the positivity in your home or office. Place a crystal ball in the southwest for love and marriage, the northeast for personal growth and self-cultivation, the west for help with children and creativity, and the center of your home to improve the overall heart of your home.
The uplifting color of our yellow crystal ball will perk up any room. The brilliant topaz shade is believed to raise awareness of our thoughts, actions and feelings. Its cheerful hue may even promote feelings of happiness and release tension. Like captured sunshine, it will brighten up any location.