Baby Spin Stack Toy,Premium Stacking Toy for Kids,Baby Spinning Stacking Toy for Babies and Toddlers,Educational Toddler Learning Toy,Baby 1 2 3 Birthday Gifts,Autism Sensory Spinning Toy Price: $19.99 (as of 12/06/2024 04:35 PST- Details)

Creative Stacking Toys:BYFWH spinning toys for toddlers 1-3 are ingenious and creative in design, the Rainbow tower consists of a spiral rod, a reversible base and six disks of different sizes. The rich colors include magenta, lime, cyan, lemon, red, sky blue, etc. Each disk has 2 colors and can be rotated any way. Colorful, fun, charming features will be a baby can not put down, spin stacking toy very suitable for children over 1 year old.
Fantastic Fun Time:Children can arrange the disks by size, color, shape or random, after the spinning toy is stacked, pull out the rod from the base, and the turntable will automatically rotate and land to enjoy more wonderful stacking fun. It is also possible to flip the base of spinner toy to set the shake or fix, or to hold the rod at either end and rotate the disc up and down endlessly.
Enlightenment Learning Toys:With rich colors, vivid textures and mesmerizing whirling movements, this fantastic spinning stacking toy allows children to learn while staying away from technology and screens. During play, children can practice color recognition and tactile exploration, improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills of the hand.

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