Bundle of Lunch Tote and Water Bottle Sleeve, OFEILY Insulated Neoprene Lunch Tote/Lunch box/Lunch bag with Black Wine tote/Beer/Water Drinks Bottles/Cans Carrying Bag

Amazon.com Price: $14.99 (as of 30/12/2019 04:20 PST- Details)

* 2 PRODUCTS IN ONE! LUNCH BAG AND WATER BOTTLE SLEEVE: The neoprene lunch totes are a effective and discreet way to transport your lunch to work, school or the beach. Water is essential during the day, and the neoprene water bottle sleeve will keep your bottle cold (or warm) and dry all day. The bag is lightweight, and The flat bottom keeps it upright, perfect for bottles or dishes that you don’t want tipping over. Soft-grip handles make it easy to carry.
* ECO-FRIENDLY AND EASY TO CLEAN: Eat well in good conscience with this eco-friendly lunch bag that is reusable, rather than using plastic or paper bags only once before throwing them away.Stain-resistant neoprene is very easily washable, just rinse clean or machine wash and air dry. Easy to pack and carry with lightweight design and soft-grip handles, and stands upright on its own when filled.
* BUILT TO LAST: OFEILY neoprene lunch bags, are made of strong and flexible 4 mm thick eco-friendly, non-toxic, pvc-free neoprene material. The lunch bag is small enough to go unnoticed, but big enough to store all your food containers, goodies and water bottles. The high quality zipper makes sure, you food is stored securely.