dazzling toys Translucent Harmonica – 2 Pack Set of Colorful 4 Starter Instruments for Kids Party | Holidays and Special Events – Top Quality Beginners Harmonica with Standard 10 Hole Structure – Ages 3 +, Red,

STARTER INSTRUMENT: Spark your kid’s creative side and inspire their musical genius with this awesome novelty musical instrument by Dazzling Toys.
GIFT IDEA: A special present for an inspiring musician, or beginner with an eclectic ear. The standard 10 hole Harmonica is equipped with an injected molded body and brass reeds. The perfect tool to get that special someone who truly has love for music, started on their musical journey.
STOCKING STUFFER: Perfect for the holidays, Ding Dong! The brightly colored and fun toys will bring smiles to your little camper’s faces, no matter the occasion. There’s nothing like the gift of music!