Ultrasonic Plug in Device – Electronic Portable Pet Sаfe – Еlectromagnetic Waves Ultrasound Control – Rеpеllent for Micе Rаts Mоsquitos Spidеrs Rоdents Insеcts – Indoor/Outdoor

MADE FROM high grade ceramic and hand painted, this extremely life like depiction of Donald Trump on all fours is high quality and hilarious! THE PERFECT GIFT for anyone in your life who loathes Donald Trump. Watch your friends stick it Up Trumps Rump and have a well deserved laugh at his expense. HAVE FUN with this one of a kind pen holder. Just stick your favourite pen, pencil, or whatever else you can come up with “Up Trumps’ Rump” and get ready for hours of laughter!
PAPERWEIGHT AND PEN HOLDER – Prank friends and family with this ingenious Donald Trump PEN holder that holders a pencil or pen. PREPARE FOR SOME SERIOUS LAUGHS!
HILARIOUS, YET FUNCTIONAL, This holds one standard size pen or pencil. BUT, It’s not just a pen holder! Why not see what else you can stick up Trumps’ Rump! Be creative and have fun !

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