Dreamclub Spy GPS GSM Bracelet Watch Tracker For Kids With SOS Alarm Support Android & IOS SIM Card Wristwatch (Pink)

Historical route: the device will keep a record of the historical route of the kids or elderly for three months, parents can check the records on smartphone or internet web.we recommend compatible sim card Like t-mobile, speedtalk sim card, and Ting sim card etc, if clients want a cheap service plan, they can choose speedtalk sim card, and Ting sim card etc, t-mobile also has a cheap phone plan.
3. Geo fence: after the geofence is set up, you will get alert notice when the kids or elderly are out of the range of setup circle, which will secure the kids’ or elderly’s safety and keep you a peace of mind.
1. Live / Realtime tracking: the device supports both GPS and LBS dual positioning,GPS is main for outdoor position and LBS is main for indoor position. You can track your kids or elderly via Google Map by the app on phone, or high accuracy and speed platform on web.