EAGLEG Safe Baby Pull Toys Made of Silicone. Multi-Functional Toys with Pull Cord, bite Glue, Telescopic Tube, and Various Crisp Noises. It is a Good Choice for Gifts for Boys and Girls.18M+

Amazon.com Price: $21.99 (as of 20/04/2023 03:08 PST- Details)

☆ Montessori toys. Lovely shape, material safety and environmental protection. The baby pull toy has a unique design. It is a cute giraffe image. It always has a smile on its face. Its lovely star eyes and snow-white teeth will attract baby’s attention. Bright colors are good for baby’s vision development. The safe silicone material can let baby suck in their mouth.
☆ Various functions. Baby pulling toys are full of fun. There are two round silicone balls on the head of the giraffe, which can help baby practice accurate grasping ability. The giraffe neck is a flexible tube that can change the shape of the giraffe. The tail is a rotatable knob, which can make a clear sound when rotating. The four legs are flexible silicone ropes that can be pulled, which will attract baby to pull it. This toy can train baby’s eye and hand coordination ability.
☆ It can be used in various places and is convenient to carry. There is an installable suction cup at the bottom of the baby pull toy, which can adsorb the toy to any smooth desktop, floor and wall. It can’t be pulled out by force, so the baby can play heartily. It can also be tied to cars, strollers and cribs, and can be played anytime and anywhere. High temperature boiling can clean toys, but the suction cup cannot boil. Please remove the suction cup before boiling.