Educational Bath Toys for Toddlers – Alphabet 26 Puzzles Letters and Animals for Bath – Premium Large Set (52 items) Baby Bath Toys – Guarantee – Foam Letters Safe for Kids Price:  Original price was: $33.40.Current price is: $26.99. (as of 19/10/2019 21:26 PST- Details)

ADVANTAGES – premium product is large size.It is light, comfortable and easy to attach. Only Wet! Your baby teaches letters, colors and animals. Kid coordinates actions by inserting letters in the puzzles. It makes up words and enjoys swimming in the bath or shower.
FUN BATHING – BABY LOOVI toys are big size and light.They float on the water and easily stick to plain surface when wet. Put animal toy into the water, stick it to the wall, find the letter and insert it to the coordinating animal. Child will learn the names of different animals and make the association with the first letter: A is for alligator, B is for bear, C is for crab, E is for elephant, etc. This is so much fun!
USAGE – popular foam bath toys for baby education.There are the best educational toys for toddlers, bright and interesting toys and alphabet. To boys and girls becomes more interesting to take bath or shower. Get it wet, and put on the wet glass of a shower stall and tiles. Be sure your child will be a successful!