Pack of 100 Large 2.5″ 65mm Ball Pit Balls – True-to-Size; 5 Bright Colors; Crush-Proof Air-Filled; Phthalate & BPA Free; Non-Toxic; Non-PVC; Non-Recycled Plastic(25% Larger Than 2.3″ 60mm Balls)

*FOR HOME USE* Commercial Establishments, please consider ordering our HD Commercial Grade Ball Pit Balls offered through Amazon Listing: . These Balls are Soft; Smooth & Perfectly Safe for younger kids in a home environment. Durable & Crush-Proof(will give when pressed-on, will return back to normal shape when pressure is release), perfect for kids & adults of all ages up to 90 lbs of body weight. (Not designed for or Intended for pets/animals Use)
True to Size = actual size, not approximate. With Ball Pit Balls, Size Does Matter! The My Balls Brand of Ball’s actual diameter is Truly 2.5″ even after normal/natural shrinkage. Not like our competitor’s misleading advertisement claimed their 6cm balls are 2.5″ but in fact only 2.3″ at best after normal/natural shrinkage. Therefore, 76 of our 2.5″ balls will fill the same bag packed with 100 of their balls. Are you getting a good value by buying their under-sized balls?
Quality: Designed in the US & Made in China. These Balls were just as durable as any domestically made balls at 50% lower cost. Using a unique 2-stage blow molding process to ensure consistency of thickness; quality; smooth surface & seam. Each Ball weighs in at 6 grams heavy, compared with our competitor’s balls weighs at only 4~5 grams light, These Balls would last much longer under average & normal household use. All balls were batch-coded for warranty tracking purposes.