Fantasma Magic Presto-O Change-O Role Play Set Including Over 50 Tricks

TONS OF ILLUSIONS – If you’ve ever watched the masters perform, you know how many tricks and mysteries there are out there, and many of them are included in this box. Learn the classic magical top hat trick where you can make it produce any small item. Change the color of handkerchiefs from red and blue to yellow and green. You’ll be absolutely amazing.
BUILD CONFIDENCE THROUGH MAGIC – Performing magic is a skill that must be learned through practice and hard work. In the process, though, you don’t just become a magician. Learning how to perform illusions helps develop several skills including self-esteem, hand eye coordination, public speaking and critical thinking skills.
LOOK THE PART – One of the greatest parts of this set is that it includes everything you need to look like a real, classic magician. You have the top hat, a cape, and a magic wand. And some of the accessories hold little tricks of their own. You have everything you need to get you on your way to becoming a classic magician with style and ease.