FUNERICA Toy Train Set with Lights and Music with 3 Animal Dolls, Train Identifies and Responds to Dolls, Automatically Moves and Stops, Preschool Train Set for Toddlers and Kids

*YOUR CHILD IS THE ENGINEER – When your little one places the three animal dolls into the train seats, the train senses its presence, identifies the animal in the drivers’ seat, and makes that animal’s sound, while starting to roll. The dolls even whirl and twirl while the train moves.
*A DELIGHT FOR THE SENSES – Train plays cheerful melodies as it rolls, and real life Train sound when it starts the trip. Push the nose on the train’s face to hear the horn!
*BATTERY SAVING TECHNOLOGY – Runs on 3 disposable AAA batteries, Toy automatically shuts off to conserve battery power. The toy rolls at one of two speeds until it reaches the gate, or finishes its song, and then it stops automatically.

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