Balsa Wood Airplanes by Guillow’s Jetfire and Sky Streak Rubber Band Powered Airplanes Bundle with Kids Windup Flying Copter Toys Price: $39.95 (as of 08/01/2020 13:02 PST- Details)

TOY PLANE – Sky Streak rubber band airplane is a set of 2 rubber band powered airplanes with a 12 inch wingspan boxed together. This toy airplane has a one piece angled and adjustable wing. The propeller is strong plastic with a metal hook for the drive band.
GOODIE BAGS – Guillow Jetfire Balsa Glider is a high performance flyer with the style of a jet fighter. Large 12″ wing span adjustable for performing glides, loops and turns. Colorful style prints on the wing, tail surfaces and canopy.
KITS FOR BOYS – Guillow’s Copter Toy is rubber band powered and can fly up to 75 feet for hours of fun. Police, Search & Rescue and Military.