LED Assorted Colors Glow in the Dark Light Up Kids Light Sabers (12 Pack) Bulk

Amazon.com Price: $34.99 (as of 05/01/2020 00:26 PST- Details)

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU | It certainly will be when you use our LED Saber Swords. These extendable, light saber sword toys let you become a glow in the dark ninja—but without the risk of cutting off someone’s head. Each plastic light up sword expands 15 to 35 inches and comes with 7 LED light modes that change colors, flash and blink.
COSTUME ACCESSORY | Our light up sword for kids makes a perfect accessory to a sci-fi costume, where you’re a warrior fighting a war among the stars. And if your name happens to be Luke–then you’ll definitely have the upper hand.
PARTY FAVORS | Whether you’re having a kids birthday or video game party–you can hand out our glow in the dark sword to guests and watch the sword games begin!