MARBLEWORKS Marble Run Starter Set by Discovery Toys Price:  $47.00 (as of 20/10/2019 06:57 PST- Details)

Connect 46 colorful pieces in different ways for an infinite number of raceway configurations.
Foster creativity and experimentation. Promote visualization, spatial thinking skills, and logical reasoning ability. Explore positional concepts: in, out, on, drop, down, under & through. Demonstrate the law of gravity and how to alter speed and movement. Understand the concept of object permanence, as marbles travel in and out the tubes. Develop hand-eye coordination and visual tracking skills. Predict which marble will finish first.
Complete the Set with MARBLEWORKS® WILD RIDE, MARBLEWORKS® CRANK-IT UP, and the MARBLEWORKS® ADD-ON accessories. All three are also sold on Amazon!