Dalton Labs Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Modeling Software and User Guide – Organic, Inorganic Chemistry Set for Building Molecules 178 Pcs Advanced Chem Biochemistry Student Edition

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HANDS ON EDUCATION – Models make science come to life! Use atom pieces to practice structures, cyclic compounds, empirical formula, stereoisomerism, and VSEPR theory. Explore chemistry and physics concepts. Visualize atomic structure with atoms, bonds, orbitals, and links.
INCLUDES SOFTWARE AND USER GUIDE – All kits include an interactive 3d Modelling Software and a color printed User Guide with Periodic Table, providing additional study material for test and exam prep. Great for STEM teachers, high school and college level kids.
FOR ALL LEVELS OF LEARNING – 178 piece sets utilize the ball and stick toys educational structure to teach students from grade 7 to the University Graduate Level. Demonstrate fundamental molecular geometry, chemical and biology structure, stereochemistry with 3D modelling studies.