RANIACO Large Size Bath Toy Organizer with 3 Strong Hooked Suction Cups,White

-A Place for Everything: Struggling to keep all your child’s favorite bathtub toys within easy reach? This simple storage solution for your bathtime playthings gives you three small pockets and three deeper pockets that you can use to store the things you need to make washing up fun for you and your little one.
-Easy to Install: With the included set of three sturdy, hook-equipped suction cups, you can hang your new toy organizer next to the bathtub, next to the shower head, next to the towels, or almost anywhere else in your bathroom where there’s extra wall space.
-Keep Toys Where Your Kid Can Reach Them: The suction cups make it easy to move your toy organizer and everything in it up, down, or to another part of the room, so you can always hang this organizer at a more convenient height as your child grows taller.