Rear View Spy Sunglasses Look Like Ordinary Glasses but Have a Mirror on Side Ends to See Behind You – Novelty Toy Goggles for Spying on Followers

SPY SUNGLASSES ARE GIFT BOXED FOR GIFT GIVING. The spying gear sunglasses look like ordinary sunglasses by have the unique feature of mirror side ends that help rear viewing discretely what is behind you in a clandestine and secret way like professional detectives and spies. Make it the perfect spy gear, gadget, equipment and professional stuff that spies use.
UNISEX STYLE SUITABLE FOR MEN, WOMEN AND TEENAGERS. The classic design and style of these spying sunglasses are made to be used by men, women, adults, teens, boys, girls, seniors and almost anyone else. One Size fits almost anyone.
FEEL SAFER WHEN WALKING OR JOGGING ALONE IN THE PARK OR IN LONELY PLACES. For extra safety and security wear the spy sunglasses secret eyewear when you are walking or jogging in the park or in lonely places by being able to see behind you discretely and secretly. Will help to let view your rear and know what is behind you.