Self Adhesive Pencil Holder and Pen Clip Holds 100’s of writing utensils, 3 at-a-time! Great for pencil, pen, Sharpie & more! Great for desk, locker, fridge, craft room, under cabinet, etc. Price: $11.99 (as of 19/10/2019 17:37 PST- Details)

HANDY – Keeps pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, etc. handy and in a convenient and accessible location.
INNOVATIVE – Super innovative, patent-pending utility allows this clip to hold over 100 common writing instruments. WHAT THEY HOLD: No.2 pencil, ballpoint pen, stick pen, permanent marker colored pencil, marker, mechanical pencil, medium point pen, art pencil, golf pencil, checking pencil, fashion pencils, lumograph pencil, drawing pencil, felt tip pen, fine tip pen, extra bold pen, lumber crayon, carpenter pencil, grease pencil, etc. – and dozens and dozens more!!
VERSATILE – Advanced Self Adhesive technology holds extremely well to most surfaces including cubicles, vehicles, cabinets, phone and electronics, furniture, shelving, etc. Designed to be friendly to the surfaces it is stuck on.