All In Toys Spiral Glitter Wand Hand Fidget Price: $8.99 (as of 02/01/2020 07:35 PST- Details)

SENSORY GLITTER TUBES: Large clear durable tubes in shatter-proof plastic filled with swirling liquid and glitter in bright colours. The wands provide a gentle visual and tactile stimulation which can help children calm down, relax and improve their concentration and focus.
HOURS OF FUN: Turn over the glitter wand and watch the cascading shapes sparkle, swirl and float around the clear tube. Great costume accessory for dressing up as a magical fairy or wizard and helps encourage imaginative play and role play.
COLOURS AND SHAPES: Sparkly colours include yellow, blue, green and purple and styles such as stars and various shapes. Moving shapes of glitter and confetti as well vibrant colored sand forming rich patterns encourage attentiveness and attention to detail. Mesmerizing designs stimulate imagination. Swirling smooth slow motion has a serene calming affect. Bright cheery colors encourages positive emotions and visual stimulation. Introduce your kids or students to elementary phys

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