Sub Shop Board Game | Classic Sandwich Building Card Game for Families | Family Fun Tabletop Strategy & Memory Card Game for Kids & Adults of All Ages | Home & Restaurant Table Activity Price:  $9.99 (as of 29/12/2019 01:37 PST- Details)

ORDER UP AT THE SUB SHOP! Build 11 unique sandwiches and claim all the tips! Can you satisfy each unique patron of the Sub Shop? Named a Dr. Toy’s Best Pick for 2015
WHAT’S ON THE MENU? Includes 54 cards, 9 zany & overcooked customers, play money, a real tablecloth game board, & a classic kitchen service bell
ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS: Grows with young players! Basic and Advanced rules accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. With elements of strategy and memory card games, this game is fresh and familiar enough to satisfy the appetite of gamers from all backgrounds!

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