Super Cute 14″ White Bathtime Baby Doll, Complete Bathtub Set, Detachable Shower Sprayer, WashclothToy Soap Bottles &Shower Gel, Bath Toys, The Best Doll Bathtime Toy Set For your Lovely Children!

LIFELIKE FEATURES – Dolls To Play has finally come out with the First Lifelike Baby Doll for your beloved Little Girl or Boy. The Baby Doll is made of gentle touch Vinyl with a soft weighted body. The dolls features are all Handcrafted Depicting tiny little toes on the feet and adorable fingers on the hand. The Facial features are all hand painted Depicting tiny rosebud lips and Sparkling eyes.
SNUGLY SOFT BODY – Dolls To Play Baby Doll is an ideal first Baby doll that encourages Kids to express affection and care. It has a soft body that’s perfect for hugging. Your little ones will learn to role-play nurture, love, and care. The Dolls clothing can easily be changed helping young ones develop fine motor skills.
BATH TIME – Dolls To Play Baby Doll is the perfect doll to teach your child the importance of cleanliness. The Bath Tub, soft Terry Robe, Handheld shower head, shampoo, Soap, Fluffy Towel, Baby Wash Towel and adorable Rubber Ducky will Delight your Child. Children Will learn to understand how important bath time is and how much fun it can be when doing it alongside their favorite Doll.