Kicko Traffic Light Lamp – Plug-In, Blinking Triple Sided, 12.25 Inch – For Kids Bedrooms, Decorations, Parties, Celebrations, Props, & Gifts Price: $24.99 (as of 03/01/2020 08:14 PST- Details)

THREE COLORS – Kicko Traffic light lamp features three columns and blinks randomly in three different colors of red, green, and yellow to simulate traffic stop lights.
GREAT FOR DECORATION – This traffic stop light lamp is absolutely great for decoration. Put it in your room, living room, office, or anywhere to create a times square like atmosphere anywhere you want! Can be easily hung anywhere with the built in hang wire.
GREAT FOR PARTY – These traffic stop light lamps are great for using when you are throwing a party in any space. Can be easily and conveniently placed wherever you want. Just plug in, turn on and set the mood!