Water Balloons Refill Kit: Refill Your used Straws In a Jiffy – 500 Not Once But 5x With This Party Time Balloon Kit – 5X Fun. Straws not Included!

!!! ATTENTION !!! This product is intended to be used with another product. Refill straws that are shown on the pictures ARE NOT included with this package and have to be purchased separately!
RE-ARM YOURSELF WITH THIS REUSABLE KIT: Now you can quickly refill your Bunch ‘O Balloons USED straws in a snap with this convenient refill kit. Charge up your balloon barrage again and again and keep the fun comin’!
SAVE MONEY WITH THIS BALLOON ARSENAL: No need to buy bunches of water balloons 100 at a time when you can refill them more than once. Our handy, affordable refill kit gives you all the ammo you need at half the cost. Just tap into the straws and pump up the included balloons.