Liberty Imports Water Balloon Pumping Station with 500 Water Balloons and Water Pump for Kids (Blue Color) Price: $12.94 (as of 25/12/2019 09:13 PST- Details)

✅ FILL BALLOONS EASILY: Tired of using your kitchen sink at birthday parties to keep the kids happy? Using this handy water balloon nozzle pump will keep the party outdoors! This all-in-one kit is great for any summer fun.
✅ NO MORE MESS: Take The Game Outside, All The Way. With This All In One Kit, There Will Be No More Sprayed Up Sinks And No More Failed To Fill Water Balloons.
✅ EASY, FAST, AND NEAT: Fill Your Balloons in Seconds! Just Pump 9 Times And Then Press The Lever On Top To Allow Water To Flow Right Into The Balloon. All That’s Left To Do Is Tie It Off And Get Ready For Some Everlasting Fun!