Magformers Smart Set Review

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With This Magformers Set. Design 2d Patterns And Pull Them Up Into 3d Towers, Rockets, Castles And Large Magic Balls.

This 144-piece magnetic building STEM toy set is one of Magformers creations specifically designed to foster smart and creative children. If you are looking to channel your child’s creative abilities towards the field of architecture or building, this product is the best gift you can buy for your child. It comes with cool magnetic shapes of blocks which can be coupled together to form several forms of structures such as robots, school building, giraffe, etc. It offers so much fun and educating effects for children from the age of 3 and above.  Read up this review for more gist.

Super Cool Magnetic Creations

This product comes with up to easily attachable magnetic blocks that allow your children to connect them together easily without getting frustrated. Frustration sets in when a child finds it difficult to detach or attach magnets, this is why the magnets used to create these blocks do not have a repelling effect.

Of course, I will show you the things you will find in the box after you have purchased this product.

Inside, you will find:

  • up to 144 pieces of accessories
  • these include 46 triangles
  • 12 pentagons
  • 4 hexagons
  • 44 squares
  • 6 isosceles triangles
  • 6 super squares
  • 4 super triangles
  • and up to 16 other accessories

Start Creating

It will interest you to know that all the accessories in this package are made from durable and strong materials, they will not get worn or damaged easily, and this will give your child a chance to use and reuse this product. There is no limit to what you can create with these magnetic blocks, all you have to do is think, imagine, and create. If you need some inspiration as to what to create, you can just check out the already built creations displayed on the sides of the product box.

The materials in this set are not the end to it as you can also use other Magformers Smart Sets alongside the ones in this package. You can get more of these Smart Set in several colors and designs on Amazon and start exploring your creativity with the High-Quality ABS plastic magnets from Magformers.


Teach your children some architectural and STEM knowledge with these High-Quality ABS plastic magnets specially designed for that purpose. It contains up to 144 pieces of different shapes. You can also get more in a Smart Set if the pieces of magnets in the box seem insufficient.