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Barbie Cutie Reveal Fashion Doll Review

Discover the Barbie Cutie Reveal Fashion Doll! Unbox 10 surprises, including a plush monkey costume, accessories, and a transformable doll. Perfect for kids aged 3-7!

LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise

There’s no doubt about it that kids love surprises. That’s just one of the many reasons that the LOL Surprise toys have always been some of the market’s top selling items. They go pretty fast every holiday season because they are in high demand. Now this year, you can get the LOL Surprise Color Change […]

Barbie Signature 2021 Holiday Doll

It’s just about time to break out those holiday decorations and get busy ordering gifts for the people on your list. Every year, there are gifts that sell out pretty quickly because they’re considered hot items. You’ll find that many of these gifts sell out because they’re part of a tradition in some families. Giving […]

LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise Review

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise! Is The Perfect Gift For Any Young Child! In A World Where Babies Run Everything  Just when you imagined your kids had had enough of LOL Surprise, this festive season comes with even more tempting LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise that will get them intrigued. Give your kids the ultimate unboxing […]

L.O.L. Surprise! Biggie Pet MC Hammy Review

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls were on a TOP SECRET mission when their pet went missing! Find surprise clues across the Eye Spy Series to help find their pet!  Is your baby girl within the age of 5 and above a fan of spy games and fabulous luxury items? If yes, here is the perfect present […]

Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle Review

Barbie Doll Comes To The Rescue With Her Care Clinic Vehicle  Do you want your child to become a medical doctor when he/she grows up, and you are finding it very difficult to get the idea into his/her head? Buy him/her the Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle and you should be off to a great start. I […]

Best Toys For Christmas 2018

The Best Toys For Christmas 2018 Christmas comes but once a year, and many of us dwell a great deal on it whilst Some just long for it to pass because it places on them the burden of finding the right presents, whether it be for the kids or for other members of the family. And […]

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set Melissa and Doug toys have fast become one of the best brands for parents who like to buy their kids toys that teach a variety of things – from counting to reading, or in this case, nurturing. The Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Vet […]

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise! In today’s world, kids no longer stroll down the aisles of toy stores looking for what they want. In fact, they don’t even watch regular commercials much anymore – they find what they want in unboxing videos on YouTube, and now – there’s a toy for that! Today’s younger generation is […]

Hasbro Games Don’t Step in It

Hasbro Games Don’t Step in It Every year, some new toy comes out that focuses on the fun kids have with gross humor. Sometimes it’s a doll that has snot coming out of its head, and other times it’s a diaper mess. This year, Hasbro Games has launched one based on the hilarious nature of […]

Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll, 2-Pack

Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll, 2-Pack here is a direct link to the Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll, 2-Pack video    Everyone loves Frozen, and little kids love it even more. These Frozen dolls are the perfect wintertime Christmas present because it goes along with the movie so well! If you are looking […]

Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian Doll

Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian Doll here is a direct link to the Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Caucasian Doll video    My little girl is obsessed with Barbie dolls, and she likes to collect every Barbie on the face of the planet. I finally found one she doesn’t have, and this Barbie is downright adorable. […]

Barbie Collector Holiday Doll

Barbie Collector Holiday Doll here is a direct link to the Barbie Collector Holiday Doll video    2013 may seem like a lifetime ago, but this special edition 2013 barbie doll is just as beautiful today as it was back in 2013. IT can be very difficult to find these special edition yearly Barbie dolls, […]

Toy Gift Guide 2017 – The Best Toys For Christmas

Toy Gift Guide 2017 – The Best Toys For Christmas Every Christmas for many, many years, children have always asked for the same thing every year: toys. It’s a staple of Christmas day – the kids wake up, rush out to see what’s under the tree, and open up their toys. Whether the toys are […]

The Best Toy Brands

The Best Toy Brands For Kids When it comes to our children, every parent wants to give their child the very best that there is. We want toys that are well made and that will last for years to come. Often the difference between those off brand toys and the branded ones is the difference […]

Travel Toys

Traveling never fails to excite everyone in the family, especially kids. The most awaited vacations give them the luxury of quality time to spend with one another. On normal days, we don’t have much of this luxury because we tend to allot a bigger portion of our time for work, school, or other activities. Traveling […]

Timeless Toys

Timeless Toys That Have Been Popular For Decades! Most toys barely last five years in the market, before being replaced by others. This is because some are tied to the release of popular movies, TV shows, and video games, hence when a new one is released new toys are made. There are some toys, however, […]

Top Toys For Every Budget

Top Toys For Every Budget And All Kids And Their Needs! As a parent, buying toys for your children is one of the most important things you can do. Toys will keep them busy while you are doing your chores around the house. Some toys are even good for their brain development as they fuel […]

The Top 10 Best Dolls For Kids

The Top 10 Best Dolls For Kids Ever since we first started carving, we have given our children dolls to play with. They love being able to play multiple characters, live out fantasy worlds, and play with different scenarios. This is actually a vital part of children’s development, and it helps them to put themselves […]

The Top 10 Best Disney Toys

The Top 10 Best Disney Toys Disney films just seem to be getting better and better and both kids and nostalgic adults are loving them. Whether you are getting into the latest big thing, your kid won’t stop talking about their favorite characters, or you’re still a big fan of old Disney films, there is […]