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Hasbro Games Don’t Step in It

Hasbro Games Don’t Step in It Every year, some new toy comes out that focuses on the fun kids have with gross humor. Sometimes it’s a doll that has snot coming out of its head, and other times it’s a diaper mess. This year, Hasbro Games has launched one based on the hilarious nature of […]

Disney Cars

The Best Disney Cars For Fans And Kids! The Disney Cars movie is very popular. This movie was such a hit with children that a sequel was made. Disney Cars characters were not only an inspiration for movies but there are a number of Cars toys as well. The characters in this movie have been […]

The Best Toy Brands

The Best Toy Brands For Kids When it comes to our children, every parent wants to give their child the very best that there is. We want toys that are well made and that will last for years to come. Often the difference between those off brand toys and the branded ones is the difference […]

Kenner Toy Company

Kenner Toys – Action Figures, and Collectibles Kenner Company was a very popular toy brand for a number of years. It was first founded in 1947 and did have a long history in the toy industry. For many years, Kenner was an illustrious brand, and did have a wonderful array of toy offerings like no […]

Hasbro Toy Company

Hasbro Logo

Hasbro Toys Is One Of The Biggest Toy Companies, Who Controls The Industry With Their Top Tier And highly Popular Creations Taking Ideas And Making New Products From Kids Movies And Cartoons When it comes to kids, we want to give them the best of everything because it shows how much we love them. As […]

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