4M Crystal Growing Experiment

4M Crystal Growing Experiment teaches kids and adults about the beauty and complexity of crystal growth with stunning results

Many children when they start school enjoy science. They are curious and enjoy learning how things work, about animals and so much more. As children grow some of them retain their love for science. One way to encourage this love of learning and science is having home science projects for them to be involved in.

There are many different science kits that allow children to do experiments at home. The one that will be covered in this article is the 4M Crystal Growing Experiment. This is a very interesting project that is not hard to do and one that will give the children something they can keep to remind them of what they have learned.

The 4M Crystal Growing Experiment provides enough material for seven different types of crystal growth experiments. So young scientist will have a chance to do seven different experiments from one kit. Also provided in this kit is a display case that children can use to show off the results of their experiments once complete.

If a child has a marked interest in geology this is the kit for them. Even having a slight interest would be reason enough to present them with this kit because a slight interest can grow to something big if it is encouraged enough. Many children may not know that crystals actually grow so this kit provides everything needed to grow crystals and provide the child with a learning experience that is fun and mysterious all at the same time.

Also included in this kit is a fact sheet that explains about different crystals and how they form. A total list of what is included with the 4M Crystal Growing Experiment kit is listed below.

  • Crystal compounds
  • Seven display domes
  • Stirring supplies
  • Instructions

This kit is amazing in what it offers to children and adults. Parents can get involved with their child’s crystal growing project and maybe even learn something as well. So with the 4M Crystal Growing Experiment a child can have a fun learning experience and parents can have the chance to watch their child learn and grow.

This 4M Crystal Growing Experiment kit is recommended for children 10 and up. However, with adult supervision children as young as 8 can also enjoy growing crystals. You do not have to purchase anything else to go with this kit, everything is included that is needed to grow a variety of crystals. Science kits like these are a great way to encourage and nurture a love of learning in children.

So, if you want to encourage your child and teach them that learning is fun and does not have to be dreaded, this kit would be a good way to do that. It will provide them with days of fun watching and wondering as a crystal is grown in one of the included containers. Who knows, the next great scientist could be growing up in your home? Even if they do not become a scientist they could go on to enjoy learning and become a great success.

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