Angry Birds Toy Characters

Angry Birds Toy Characters – Get the low down on all the crazy characters on Piggy Island. Who’s your favorite – bird or piggy

Game developer Rovio created Angry Birds back in 2010 and this video game title became the top selling video game franchise in history. Angry Birds popularity has been merchandised into various products. There are t-shirts, backpacks, coats, shoes, Halloween costumes, an Angry Birds film and even toys. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest selling Angry Bird toys on the market today.

Angry Birds Action Figures

Angry Birds has action figure toys that are based off the various Angry Bird characters that appear within the franchise. First up is the leading character of the franchise. His name is Red and he is one angry flying bird. Red’s character does not have any extra special abilities like the other birds; but his anger and strength makes him a perfect leader for his band of feathered friends.

The blue Angry Bird is small, furry and lovable. This creature has the ability to split into three birds after it has been launched from the slingshot. Blue bird is actually a combined force of three small birds that form into one. These little birdies are known as Blue Jay, Blue Jake and Blue Jim. Rovio has dubbed this trio as The Blues.

The yellow bird is named Chuck and he is extremely fast when flying through the air. There is a black Angry Bird and his name is Bomb. He was given this name simply because he literally drops “bombs” on his foes. Matilda is the name of the white bird. She drops eggs on her foes. The Toucan bird has a boomerang ability and he is called Hal. The Might Eagle Bird is all about destruction. He has the ability to shake things up with his earthquake power.

Red has a big brother named Terence. This bird is also colored red and he is bigger and stronger than his younger brother. However, he is not as smart. The orange bird and action figure is named Bubbles. In the game, this bird inflates into a large size to capture foes.

Stella is a small and cute pink bird that makes bubbles to deal with the enemy pigs. Speaking of pigs, they have been made into Angry Bird toys as well. Mudbeard is the king of the pigs and he is the villain who is out to get them all.

Other Types of Toys Featuring the Angry Birds

Each one of these birds have been made into plush stuffed toys. They also appear as figurines. Don’t forget that figurine is an action figure that does not have movable parts. There are Angry Birds play sets that feature blocks and a slingshot for tearing down enemy pig hideouts.

An Angry Birds game has also been created as well. Young kids can now play the Angry Birds video game on a game board. Then there are Angry Birds Lego sets. Legos have always been a favorite toy for kids. Now, they can play with the classic blocks by creating their own Angry Birds fortresses and buildings.

Angry Bird toys also includes Angry Birds Star Wars telepods that allows young players to transport specific Angry Birds characters into video games. Of course, the ultimate Angry Bird toys are the classic and new video game versions that are available at Google Play and the iStore.

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