Anki Cozmo Robot Review

Anki Cozmo Robot Is An AI Toy Robot With A Big Brain And Even Bigger Personality. 

The world technology is growing every day, and artificial intelligence is starting to gain so much relevance, that the need to learn coding and programming cannot be overemphasized. The Anki Cozmo Robot offers a chance for both children and adults to learn the basics of coding and programming. This robot comes with several functions such as games and a load-carrying hand to help you transport one or two things. Note that these functions can only be accessed through an iOS or Android device on which you can download the free Cozmo app and program the robot to do almost anything.

Do anything Possible With your Cozmo Robot

If you are going to enjoy this product you really need to know its components and the features it has to offer. Like I said earlier, the Cozmo Robot was specially designed to help children that are not below 8 months and adults not above 80 years. This product weighs only 2.42 pounds; this makes it very easy to carry about. It looks like a toy, but it is, in fact, more than just a robot as it responds and does exactly as it was programmed to do. You could program it to dance, challenge it to games, to lift its cubes, sneeze, think of anything.

This Robot has two basic modes, you can set it on “games mode” where you can challenge it to a quick tap game, memory match and many more, and you can also set it on “explorer mode” which allows you to leave it to do things its way.

Cozmo Robot is a Masterpiece

This Robot comes compact and needs no parts to put together, it comes with a charger and can also be charged using a USB power adapter. It does not come with a USB power adapter but you can easily get one, just click here.

Note that this Robot can only be programmed or coded using an iOS or Android and a free Cozmo app that you can easily download on app stores. This is how it works, you will connect the robot to your Android using the Cozmo app, for example, on the app, you can simply drag and drop a block on the screen, and the Robot will act out your command. Believe me, you will learn and enjoy.


Cozmo robot helps both children and adults to learn more about coding and programming. It was made with quality materials, and it has high durability. It responds to commands given to through the Cosmo app on an iOS or Android device.

Although it does not come with a USB power adapter, you can simply charge it with its charger or click here to purchase one.