Do Art: Word Art Review

 Do Art Word Art Is A Starter kit For Creative Kids!


Faber-Castell has been producing toys and tools for crafts and the arts since the 1700’s. Beginning with wooden pencils, the company added the business of manufacturing children’s toys in 1999. Their experience in designing high-quality products meant to inspire and teach creativity to children is definitely taken into account when reviewing Do Art Word Art, but not without admitting adults would enjoy this all-materials-included artist’s kit as well.


Word Art is part of the Do Art arts and crafts series geared toward grade-school aged children by Faber-Castell. The company calls the Do Art series a multitude of “starter kits” for young minds looking to become more involved with their creative side. Other installations of Do Art are, Do Art: Watercolor or Do Art: Collage, among several others, including the popular, Word Art kit.



Do Art: Word Art comes with ten design sheets, stickers, ten colorful sheets of construction paper, crayons, pens, an instruction booklet, and even tools to help you hang your work of art once it’s reached its completion. The stickers can be placed over a completed, colored-in image for an easier means of creating a more polished, professional example of work.


However, all of the tools included help children of ages eight and older practice their cursive and spelling in a fun and creative way if they choose not to rely on the stickers. The silhouette of an elephant can be created by filling in its body and expanded trunk with words of the artist’s choice.



Encourage the practicing of particular letters, such as ‘B’ and fill in the shape of a bumble bee with words that begin with the letter ‘b’, such as buzz, bothersome, or beautiful. This tactic is beneficial in helping young minds master the shape of particular letters as well as expand their vocabulary in a fun way.


This product would be a great inclusion in any classroom due to its ability to help young students not only learn about spelling, but also typography design. The instruction booklet will guide children through the process of cursive, bubble, and many other techniques of letter design, making it easy for them to teach themselves independently.



This product is also a great tool for teaching adjectives. One activity to practice would be to have your children or students write and color in descriptive words within the structure of an image. An example of this would be, writing “magical” inside the silhouette of a unicorn, or “fun”, “happy”, and “fluffy” for a puppy.


The inclusion of art and creative license for these activities might make Do Art: Word Art so fun, children won’t realize they are learning. Furthermore, with the current craze of adult coloring books, Do Art: Word Art a fun option for parents and teachers, giving them a creative outlet to relieve stress or an opportunity to bond with their children or teach their students.



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