Best Toys For Christmas 2018

The Best Toys For Christmas 2018

Christmas comes but once a year, and many of us dwell a great deal on it whilst Some just long for it to pass because it places on them the burden of finding the right presents, whether it be for the kids or for other members of the family. And of course many don’t even know what the true meaning of Christmas is about! Every year, we get reminders earlier and earlier – reminding us that Christmas is ‘just around the corner’ – 3 months before it is even upon us. Look around you, and you will see that Christmas is in the air already for 2018. There are many temptations out there and suggestions, letting us all know that our children or loved ones are going to be disappointed if we don’t remember the right gifts to give them. Whether we pre-plan or only start preparing a couple of nights before the big day, the preparations and wrapping presents and preparing meals can be very appealing for many.

Naturally, every year, you will hear from many sources, just what the latest and greatest hot gifts are to give your kids and loved ones too. And many parents don’t know where to even start. But there are some guides when it comes to Christmas, that if you follow them step by step, you could get through a stress-free Christmas; where you might even save a bit of money. It doesn’t have to be that big a struggle every year, wondering what to get the kids or teenagers and then wondering how you are going to afford it all. Parents, often in desperation, buy left, right and center and then come home with even more gifts that their children might even need or what the parents had even planned on.

The 4-gift rule idea might be just what you need

Somebody, nobody knows who, did once plan what is known as the “4-gift rule” for Christmas, and it has turned out to be an excellent guide for Christmas shopping, as well as to save money. Whether you are budgeting this year, or whether you want to discourage the idea of materialism in your family for Christmas 2018, consider this plan and you might well be thinking about it every Christmas into the future. The “4- gift rule” has been around on the Internet for a few years already, so you might well know of it – nobody knows the origin of it and there are even a few variations on it.

The idea behind it

You buy your children no more than four gifts for Christmas – this really simplifies shopping and does not overwhelm you or your children. Let’s look at it a bit more closely to see how you like it. Here’s how it all works:

  • Rule 1. You buy something your child really wants
  • Rule 2: you buy them something they really need
  • Rule 3 You buy them something to wear
  • Rule 4: you buy them something to read

And that’s it!

That’s all they get for Christmas – it is broad and specific enough and it won’t break your budget either. If your kids are older, you could encounter a bit of disappointment, particularly if they are used to heaps of gifts coming their way or if they have friends who receive far more gifts than what they will now be getting under the tree. But you can use the opportunity to encourage thankfulness too, and help them to understand how important it is, also, to work to a budget. It is helpful for them to realize that you are still giving them gifts, in fact, four, but it should be explained to them that you are being responsible with your money so that you are able to help them even later in their lives, like for their college fees or a car. The beauty of the “4-gift rule” is that you can modify it to suit your family.

So for instance if you have a baby in the home you could do it like this:

  • Rule 1: something they want: could be a wooden toy, or ball or doll or train
  • Rule 2: something they need: could be like starting a little investment account for them – you will know what to put in
  • Rule 3: Something to wear: could be socks, or a special hat, or a special jersey – you will know
  • Rule 4: something to read: could be a lovely book for a baby where he can interact with you, singing or counting or where the pictures pop out and interact

If you have teenagers, for example:

  • Rule 1: something they want: maybe a cellphone to keep in touch with their friends
  • Rule 2: something they need: maybe they need something for school, like a Tablet, or a Laptop, or special sports equipment, etc.
  • Rule 3: something to wear: could be like a gift card at their favorite clothes store
  • Rule 4. Something to read: a new book series you know they’ve had their eye on, or a magazine subscription, etc.

Are there benefits of using the 4-gift rule for Christmas 2018?

A real benefit you get out of the 4-gift rule for Christmas is that it takes away the stress, and makes shopping much simpler, particularly if your family is larger.

  1. Another benefit is that it makes it easier for the child to receive the gifts because if everybody else is also buying presents, children often become overwhelmed – now they can enjoy each one more.
  2. Another benefit is that it saves you money too. The 4-gift rule gives you motivation too, to keep your money spending in check, within your budget. If you don’t budget, it simply becomes easy once again to overspend and that means carrying debt into the New Year.
  3. You can apply this rule too, to somebody in need – you and your children together could choose a person who really is in need of something. You could give the gift to a child who is in an orphanage or someone who is old and housebound and has no family or friends. Helping someone in need can make a great difference in their life as well as your own.

In giving you those few ideas, it’s time to watch out because Christmas is now around the corner! The first rule is about buying something your kids want, and so we have found some of the most bestselling games and toys for your kids and teenagers with the best prices too. It will just give you a basic idea of what is hot this Christmas 2018. Kids are already writing down what they want and this year’s picks include robotic balls, interactive unicorns, still the famous Lego and not forgetting the Hatchimals, and the list goes on!

Sphere/Sphero Mini

Apparently, this is a wonderful toy; this programmable robotic little ball. With its bright colors, it appeals to both boys and girls. It is controlled by a connected app, and full of fun. It has many different functions. You operate it in a 10 m radius. It goes for around $9.99.

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The Kids Will Adore Zoomer, The Enchanted Unicorn

Zoomer promises to bring magic to any child, as she can dance and prance around in figure-eight rounds when you press the button on her heart and she also makes sounds like she is eating if your child wants to ‘feed’ her. She can also be programmed so that she will play music so children are even encouraged to sing along. She has LED eyes and kids will also love brushing her mane. She is for the over 5-year old group. She sells at around $143.95.

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Jurassic Park Toys

Coming in from Lego, they have provided a full line up of Jurassic toys, aiming to enthrall those who have seen the movie. Dinosaurs are definitely taking a hot spot on the Christmas wish list of thousands of children across the globe. Lego knows this, of course, and has released action figures, off-roaders, helicopters, and all sorts of intriguing toys for children to relive the exciting story.

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Scruff-A-Luv’s To Love and Pamper

This abandoned pet comes with matted fur that when bathed and dried, will be brushed out, discovering just what a real beauty it is, just like many real abandoned pets that are fortunate enough to find good homes. By pampering them, you reveal who they are, a doggy, kitty or bunny. It encourages children to be responsible for caring for animals. By purchasing your Scruff-a-Luv, you are helping to donate to the ASPCA, towards the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the USA – a very worthy cause. They sell for about $59.99m for boys and girls from 5 upwards.

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Hatchimals are furry robot-like creatures that will hatch from an egg, costing around

$59.99 each and very difficult to get hold of. These are a real hot craze, still, and just continue to be a favorite with the kids of today. A hatchimal will squawk and waddle and hatch and only once hatched, will be revealed what the creature is inside. And whoever gets to own a hatchimal will love listening to the snoring and sighing inside the egg. This toy pet is petted and fed and taught things to say. These are for the over 5’s.

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FurReal Muchin’ Rex

An adorable baby dinosaur, Muchin’ Rex sells for around $49.99 and is for the 4-year olds and upwards. Children will love this furry friend because he makes dinosaur sounds and the kids feed him and wave at him. He comes with his bottle and his broccoli and even a caveman biscuit and he loves to be fed these snacks, hopping along and begging for them. Sometimes he doesn’t even like his snacks and spits them out!

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Pet Vet Playset

If you have animal lovers in the family they will love this, for the over 3-year olds, selling at around $29.99. A real-life vet set consisting of 24-pieces and includes things like:

  • Stuffed animal dog and cat
  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Syringe
  • Tweezers
  • Ear scope
  • Clamp
  • Cast
  • Treatments and ointments
  • Bandages
  • Treatments and ointments
  • A checklist for at the ‘office’
  • Medical bag

It helps children to develop empathy for animals.

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PAW Patrol-Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Most little boys at some time want to be the firefighter hero. And now he gets a chance to play with a life-like truck as it’s equipped with water launchers at the back and front and comes with a fire ladder, a mini fire cart, and a lookout cab. It will require 2 AAA batteries to operate it. It’s ideal for little boys from 4-years old and sells from around $12.99.

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K’nex Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set

There aren’t many kids who could pass up on the thrills and sheer fun that come with roller coasters. And this one is for boys over the age of 9. He will spend hours at this toy, all 809 pieces of it, and it comes with a coaster track, a coaster car, a motor, 2 Ferris wheels, as well as the virtual reality viewer. It goes for about $99.99.

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Peel off nail polish set

If you have daughters, any little girl from 3 years to around 6 years will adore this peel off nail polish because it is absolutely safe to use and it peels off so easily.  Little girls love painting their nails in all the different 18 rainbow colors which smell so fruity too; this gift will never cease to tantalize and amuse, and polish remover isn’t even required. They sell for about $20.99.

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Don’t Forget The Christmas Books

Kids usually love reading books about reindeers and Father Christmas and snowmen, and there are excellent ones that will appeal to many children under the age of 12. These are excellent titles that your kids will love:

  • The Polar Express
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Christmas in the Manger
  • The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever

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36-Pack of Play Doh

We know that play dough has been around for a long, long time, but it is never outdated. Kids, who are curious and creative, love it and never get bored of it, loving to sink their hands and nails into it. This play dough comes in a 36 pack with all the rainbow colors to entertain; suitable for children from 2 upwards. It can be a bit on the messy side, so make sure you are prepared for that. It sells from around $24.99.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Lego has outdone itself once again and kids will find the Hogwarts Great Hall building kit the biggest fun ever. These are moving spiral stairs and it is assured that once the construction is completed, playing with it is just as much fun. There are even 10 figurines that come with this set and it includes Harry Potter and a whole lot of others. Kids will love recreating the science from the movie or creating their own memories. This game is recommended for children from 9-14. Apparently, the details in this set are amazing, selling at around $99.99.

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Radio Flyer Busy Buggy

Highly active kiddies will enjoy this ride-on ‘buggy’ that goes quite a way in helping them to develop their gross and fine motor skills. It comes with 17 interactive features, which includes sliding beads, a horn to blow, a moving windshield, and adjustable dashboard. It has four wheels plus a spare wheel on the back and it makes a noise when it is pushed. They will love the extra storage under the seat and a favorite toy can always be stacked away there. This toy is ideal for those smaller tots from 1-3. It sells at around $34.97.

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What’s hot with the teenagers?

Teens know exactly what they want; all of them have their particular and unique sense of what they believe in and dream of at the time – which can change as quickly as their moods. They know for sure what’s in and what is not. But there are some really cool gifts for trendy teenagers. Like what about a waterproof speaker? Or the latest in cameras; or high action games that they can play with their friends? Look at these:

Best Retro: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Even though the Polaroid photos are kind of retro, today, that is what is making them so cool and chic! Fujifilm has reinvented this old camera and packed it into the fun-sized Instax Mini camera. It will spit out tiny little 2” x 3” instant photos, so cool, and you can find it in all the bubble gum type colors. It’s the perfect choice for hip teens who want to make cool memories with their friends. It sells for around $16.31.

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Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

For sheer outdoor entertainment, teens will love this fast-paced athletic game that is a mix of tennis, volleyball, and basketball. It’s lightweight and portable, ideal for when amongst all the friends. The set will have 3 balls, a net that has collapsible legs; it’s got a drawstring bag and an instruction book. The teens can even download the app to play with other nearby players. It sells for around $59.99.

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A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak

These hip paracord bracelets trended a few years ago already and just continue to grow in popularity. They consist of 12-feet of paracord which is capable of holding up 550 lbs. of weight. They come with an excellent compass, a flint fire starter, an emergency knife, a fire scrapper, and an emergency whistle. There is a pack of two of them and it makes fantastic survival gear as well. It sells at around $8.45.

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Cinemood Portable Cinema Projector

These are so cute, and it’s a gift that everyone will love. It’s a portable cinema projector which allows a teen, let alone everybody else, to enjoy Netflix in a 3” size, which projects images from about 12’. It has a 1080p resolution and the projector is fabulous for when you travel or camp or sleepover. There is content already downloaded but teens can add all their favorite stuff too. It sells for about $88.05.

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Last year, all the local toy fairs were scoured so that the real scoop on the hottest toys could be sourced. This year, the search has gone onto an even deeper level of inside information, to source trend experts for their top opinions on which toys will hit the holiday Christmas charts. It means that planning ahead for Christmas is vital, even more essential for shopping for the holiday getaway. Remember the 4-gift rule and you might just get away with less spending, less stress, less overwhelmed children but way more fun and Christmas cheer. Happy Christmas!

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