Bit Coding Robot

Bit Coding Robot

Coding is all the rage with kids now, and it’s perfect because they’re learning and having a good time playing with toys that teach this skill. One popular one that’s bound to be a hit this Christmas is Bit – a coding robot that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

This is a basic beginner bot that teaches early STEAM skills and it’s great for kids starting at around six years old and up. It includes a couple of different ways your child can code and it’s ready to begin as soon as you open the box.

The system starts off super easy where your child uses a marker to make color code strokes that the Bit responds to. There’s an online programming editor that makes things more advanced – and it’s called OzoBlockly.

Here, they can use a drag and drop feature to create their Bit code. The toy has many cool features, including LED lights, an online activity library, a durable polycarbonate shell and optical sensors.

Out of the box, your child gets the bit robot as well as STEAM challenges in the activity pack. They also get four of the color code markers. There’s also a couple of skins, a quick start guide, USB charger and some character pop outs and stickers.

The markers allow your child to start drawing lines and color codes. The bit robot follows all of your child’s commands, so they’re in control. There are twenty color codes they can create in their activity pack.

Once that’s complete, they can move on to the OzoBlockly editor on their PC or tablet and continue making more advanced programs for their Bit. They can load their code easily by just positioning their Bit up near the screen!

Each Bit is customizable so that your child can personalize it with the pop out characters and stickers. This helps your kid garner more STEAM skills. For those who don’t know, STEAM is just STEM plus the Art component.

The coding lets your child learn how to speed up the process, create zig zagging effects and spin it, too. The advanced editor doesn’t require your child to be able to read, so even if they’re not there yet, they can still use this toy completely.

This is a great concept that inspires kids to interact with robotics and learn how to work with them. The fact that it requires creativity makes it a toy that parents will love as their kid spends countless hours engaged in the learning process.

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