Breyer Bayberry and Roses – 2014 Holiday Horse

Breyer Bayberry and Roses – 2014 Holiday Horse

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The most luxurious people need the highest quality of Christmas gifts. Thankfully, this horse has you covered if you want a high end Christmas gift to blow your mind. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves horses. This handcrafted and hand painted masterpiece is painted with “Seasons Greetings” on the belly of the horse. This horse is absolutely beautiful, and the holiday edition is very rare. You will not find a lot of other people who have this horse, and you won’t regret spending the $107.61 on it. It will grace your horse, and it becomes the perfect decoration for you. If you are a lover of horses, you have to have this model.

Best Features

This horse is adorable. It is hand painted and sealed to last a very long time. This limited edition horse is painted white and grey, and then it is covered in ornate gold trimmed red and green lace. There is holiday flowers that lay gently on the horses neck, and the horse looks like it is prancing away off into the holiday sunset.


What’s Included

When you purchase this model horse, you get a genuine and limited edition Breyer Bayberry and Roses horse. They are made with the highest quality, and come with the beautiful clothing you see in the photo.



This Christmas model horse is designed for the ultimate horse lover consumer. The horse is intricately designed to look just like a true horse. Everything on the horse is hand painted, and you can tell that it took a long time. It is beautiful, and you will not regret purchasing this holiday edition to display when the holidays roll around.



The only downside of this beautiful horse is the cost of about $107.61 However, knowing that it was hand painted allows for the price to be understandable.

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Final Verdict

All in all, you will love this product. If you have a horse lover in your life, they won’t be happier receiving anything else. This is a wonderful and unique present to buy yourself or your loved one, and its high quality is known across big spenders.