Busy Fire Truck Review

Busy Fire Truck Is A Non-Electronical, Wooden, Educational Activity Play Center For Your Kid!


Many children like to pretend about what they want to be when they grow up. Some want to be nurses, some soldiers, some policemen or chefs. However, one of the professions that seems the most popular is being a firefighter. The Busy Fire Truck is actually designed for babies and is a great toy that will give hours of fun. This product has a lot to offer by way of activities that will entertain a baby while at the same time giving them a learning experience that will help them develop different skills as they continue to grow and learn.


The Busy Fire Truck is a wooden toy that is designed to stimulate the visual and tactile skills in babies. Both of which are very important to develop in them. There are also eight activities that can be done with this toy, all of them are sure to entertain your baby.



One of the activities is a curvy bead maze. A baby has to push the bead along the correct color line to get to the other end, this can help a baby’s visual skills develop. There are other fun things such as the spinning mirror, the pop up fire dog, the twistable ladder and so much more. Also included with this item are the spinning tiles that have different pictures on each side. Being a fire truck it also needs to move around so of course it rolls, the wheels are made of a sturdy wood.


This product was listed as the Best New Baby Toy in 2016 by the American Baby Magazine. With the Busy Fire Truck a baby can learn different skills and improve on skills already acquired. Learning and development are essential to any child but especially to those who are in the earliest stages of learning. However, learning should be a fun activity as well and that is what makes the Busy Fire Truck such a great product. It combines learning and fun, not to mention all the bright colors that babies love to see.



Durability is another great feature for this product. It is made of wood so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear without falling apart. This product is also very safe for babies to play with because all of the parts are attached to the main body of the toy, a baby cannot swallow anything off of it so there is no choking hazard whatsoever.



This product is recommended for children 10 months to 3 years of age, so it is a great starter toy for a baby. There is no need for batteries to make this toy work, it is made up of wood and all of the activities have to be powered by the baby’s hands. The price is reasonable for such a well made toy at $27.14. So if you are in the market for a well made and high quality toy that your baby will enjoy be sure to look at the Busy Fire Truck, you will be glad you did.


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