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Educational CodeGamer Toy Meant To Teach Programming From A Young Age While Being Fun!

With how common technology and especially computers are in our lives and with the estimated increase in how much we use them, teaching kids how to think logically via programming is highly recommended. Thames and Kosmos have a toy out that will do just that. CodeGamer is a toy for children ten and older that makes programming fun. It also starts them at a young age learning physics and how the world works in a fun and interesting way.

CodeGamer teaches the Arduino programming language. During gameplay, kids discover the commands that cause the LED’s to light up and the sound module to activate. There are also increasingly sophisticated programming puzzles to solve. Once the player feels up to it, they can start making their programs with this device.

CodeGamer also comes with modules that connect the virtual world and the physical world. Kelvin is a temperature module that when warmed with the player’s hand melts ice in the virtual world. Newton forces his way through obstacles when shaken in the physical world. This helps teach that the physical world and the virtual world do have an impact on each other. These modules also help teach physics. Newton and Kelvin are all parts of physics, an important science to know.

There’s a social element too. As expertise is developed, there are more levels to explore that’s been created by the community. Both your created levels and other created levels are available for play and learning. This leads to healthy competition and expands their minds in new ways to set up and solve puzzles.

One downside to this toy is that you do need either a smartphone or a tablet with the app installed on it to be able to play with it. It doesn’t come playable without those additions. Another downside is that it’s expected to ship in late November, in time for those early Christmas gift getters.

With how fast technology changes and how much we use it in our day to day lives teaching kids how to use technology young is a good idea. They start thinking regarding technology and how to use it instead of being confused by it. It also teaches them how to think logically which is critical with technology. A bonus is that this toy teaches physics with the modules and how the interact with the physical world.

I recommend that this toy and others like it be given to children when they’re still young. This toy teaches children how to program and how to use technology. This will help children use the technology that we take for granted and how to make the next generation of technology. Combining programming, physics, and design will help children learn how to create and modify technology.

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