My family is always looking for new board games, and this CrossCribb may be the most fun one yet. It is a new modern take on the traditional Cribbage. I love playing this game with my family on weekend nights, so I bought a few of these board games to give out as Christmas presents to other families. I want to make sure that all my family friends have a board game that both the parents and kids will love, and this is the one to do that.


here is a direct link to the CrossCribb video

Best Features

This is fun card game that is fast paced. You try to build up your own hand, and you also get to sabotage your neighbors’ hands as well. It is a fun game for your children to play, and adults will love keeping up with their sneaky kids. I have seen even Cribbage experts lose at this game to the newbies, and it is so fun to challenge yourself while playing.

What’s included

You will get everything you need to play CrossCribb in this board game.



There is nothing that ever needs replacing in this board game. Too often now do board games try to get fancy and make way too much stuff happen. There are no batteries, no fancy objects, just good old fashioned card games. The rules are easy to learn and get down, but the new playing field gives everyone an opportunity to win. Young and old alike can learn to play, and you won’t even remember you have a cell phone when this game is on.



Younger kids may have a hard time understanding some of the rules.


Final Verdict

All in all, I think this game is worth every penny. It is just about $30, but it is such a unique game that you won’t care you spent that! This game will last for years on end, so it is the perfect gift to give to others this holiday season.