Disney Cars

The Best Disney Cars For Fans And Kids!

The Disney Cars movie is very popular. This movie was such a hit with children that a sequel was made. Disney Cars characters were not only an inspiration for movies but there are a number of Cars toys as well. The characters in this movie have been a big hit with children.

Lightening McQueen

This race car is the main character. He is a Corvette that is hot on the track. At first McQueen has an attitude that he can do everything on his own and that he is a one car show. As he becomes friends with the other characters this hot shot race car begins to realize how important it is to have friends to trust.


King is a veteran racer and tries to teach McQueen the value of friendship. He is an old timer but has been around and has seen a lot. He tries to pass some of his wisdom onto McQueen to make his a better racer as well as a better friend.


Mater is an unlikely friend for McQueen. He is a rusty old tow truck and is not the brightest car out there. Mater likes to play harmless tricks and is even able to teach McQueen the secret to driving backwards. Mater is loyal to the end and he is a true friend.


Sally is a fancy car and she becomes a love interest for McQueen. Sally used to live in the big city but has traded that life in for the simple country life. Sally is not impressed with McQueens’ attitude but as he begins to see the value of friendship he is able to win Sally over.

Chick Hicks

Chick is the main competition of McQueen. He wants to win just as bad and focuses only on himself. At first that is a lot like McQueen. In the end McQueens finds friends and Chick has no one. He brags about his talent and winning is the only thing that matters to him. It does not matter what he has to do to win or who he has to hurt. Chick wants to be the one to come out on top all of the time.


Doc is a wise old car that gets McQueen to change his stuck up ways. In addition to being the town doctor, Doc teaches the folks a number of life lessons as well. In his younger days Doc was a hot race car driver with a great winning streak. He had a bad accident that took him out of the game. Ever since then Doc has been away from the races and skeptical of other race cars. In the end Doc is drawn to helping McQueen and helping him win the big race.


These are some of the best known character from the movie Cars. These characters have become a big hit with both children and adults. They show people the value of friendship and teamwork. Cars is a popular movie with some lessons to be learned.

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