Dominion Intrigue

Dominion Intrigue

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Dominion is an awesome card game, and this expansion is no different. If you already have the beloved Dominion game, this Intrigue version will give you a wonderful expansion. However, if you are new to the dominion game, this dominion intrigue can be played as a standalone game as well. Both versions of the game are very fun to play, and it is a highly competitive and fast paced card game for you to try out. This version of the game is a bit more than the normal version at $39.95, but it is a unique way to play. If you want to increase the amount of dominion you play, you need this game.

Best Features

This game can be played amongst 8 different players. This is much better than the traditional dominion game that can only be played with 4. This makes it the perfect family game, and it is wonderful to play with young kids and older adults. If you want your children to put down their electronics, this game will ensure that they do just that. Enjoy your holiday break with your children by putting down the phones and computers and spending some quality time with each other.

What’s Included

When you purchase this game of Dominion Intrigue, you get all the cards you need to play a game with up to 6 players. If you already have a Dominion game you will be able to play this version with 8 players. There are instructions and rules included so you will know how to play correctly.


The cards are well made, and the board game style case is perfect for storing them in. It is a really fun game, and the whole family will be able to play. When you have your kids in town, there is nothing better than playing a card game with them.



This game is a bit more than the traditional version. But, because you can play with more players I think it is worth the $39.95 price tag.

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Final Verdict

I would definitely buy this game again. It is very fun to play, and I like that you can play with more than 4 players. If you need a good card game to own, you will not regret purchasing this one.