Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll Review

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll Is An Epic Gift For Girls Who Love Dolls And Fashion!


Looking for a doll that can match your child’s wild side? Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll is the stubborn daughter of the Cheshire cat. He was a bit snarky too, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this classic fairytale revisited. She might be hard to manage but perhaps your child can teach her some manners. Every little girl will love this doll because she has a magnetic fashion sense, besides what little girl doesn’t love the color purple? She is poseable, comes with a hairbrush for makeovers and can be displayed on a stand, so when the kids are done playing with her she can sit safely on the shelf. She is a gift for both children and parents. The child can have countless hours of pretend then put her on the stand in seconds for easy clean up.


Product Information


  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • Comes with 8 accessories


Product Features


  • Poseable doll
  • Comes with purse, hair brush, headband, bracelet, ring, earrings, doll stand and a bookmark which explains High Kitty’s backstory.
  • She has an adorable yet spunky outfit and she is covered from head to toe in lavender, purple and rebel black. She does it all with a beautiful smile on her face.
  • Pigtails of purple hair, colorful purple and lavender tights, purse and headband are complete with the grin of her father the Cheshire cat. The skirt is the trendiest purple and black with a sparkly glow. Adorable open toes boots and her hairbrush doubles as a key.





  • Purse
  • Headband
  • Brush/key
  • Open toe boots
  • Bookmark
  • Bracelet
  • Ring
  • Yarn themed earrings


Plus Points


  • Kitty Cheshire is stunning in her cat print bodice and skirt with tights that are in a purple chevron pattern. She also comes with adorable accessories to match. Kitty has the best taste in clothes.
  • She is poseable, so her new friend can change her arms and legs to match what she is pretending at any moment. Then display her on the dresser or shelf for admiration.
  • Reasonable price of $14.99
  • No need for the extra expense of batteries.


Things to Consider


  • Doll needs the stand in order to stay up on her feet.
  • While the outfit is adorable there is always a concern it is too old looking and might encourage improper dressing habits. Although if children know the difference between real and pretend that issue will disappear.



Product Summary


Overall this is an adorable doll at a reasonable price. It is perfect for any child who is interested in dolls and has a love for fashion. Kitty Cheshire is a perfect doll to pretend with because she is different than the normal blond haired blue eyed doll. Children can really let their imaginations run wild with Kitty. Having the childhood classic told in a different way can also being to generations together for sharing. Grandma most likely read the classic story to mom when she was little and now a third generation has a chance to enjoy it in an updated way. Something that makes the doll even better is that there is an entire collection of Ever After High dolls and accessories. So this is just the start to a wonderfully fun collection.



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