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Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home

Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home Is An Epic Playset That’s Interactive And Fun!

The Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home is just like home with lots of exciting sounds.  Your little one will delight in having their very own home to take care of.  The house actually has three floors of fun, each one featuring its own switch so that your child can activate the interactive fun.  Your child will love exploring this home with all of the fun.  Your child can move their figures up and down the stairs to explore the different sounds and songs that are featured on each floor.


Product Features:

  • Toy makes realistic “house” sounds.
  • Your child gets to be in charge of the family and can move the people between three different levels of home while exploring the activities that are available.
  • Toy features realistic door bell, bubbling sounds with the bathtub, and a sizzle in the kitchen among other things.
  • Your child is going to learn about interacting with others and will continue to improve their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills with this toy.
  • The home theme of the toy is realistic and fun for everyone.
  • Toy Size = 5”x20”x15”
  • Toy Weight = 5.4 lbs


Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home


Plus Points:


1.Fun Learning Sounds:Your child is going to enjoy all of the fun learning sounds that the house has. There are realistic sounds at each level of the house so that your child can really play with the figures like they are in their own home. There is a bubbling sound where the bathtub is, a sizzling sound in the kitchen, a doorbell that really dings, and more.  Your child is going to love playing with this house and learning more about what it is like to run their own home.


2.Lots of Accessories:Another thing that is a ton of fun with this exciting house toy is that there are so many accessories.  There is furniture, fence pieces, a mom, a dad, a baby, and even an SUV so that your little one can take their family with them on the go.


3.Lots of Songs and Fun:The house also features an exciting mix of twelve different songs.  This means that your little one is going to love learning to sing these songs and to be able to play along with you.  It is definitely one of those houses that is fun and is going to be a lot of fun for everyone.


4.Fun Imaginative Play:Perhaps the thing that parents are going to enjoy the most is watching their little one enjoying fun imaginative play.  This toy is going to allow your child to imagine new actions between family members while also helping them to learn how they can interact with one another.  There are so many fun ways that they can play that they are never going to get bored imagining what their family is doing today.


Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home


Things To Consider:


1.“SUV” Only Holds Two Dolls: You might notice a bit of frustration when your child realizes that the SUV only holds two dolls.  Your child might find this frustrating if they want the whole family to go out together when they are playing.


2.People Have No Moving Parts:While the younger toddlers will not notice that the people do not have moving arms or legs, older toddlers and preschoolers might find this to be frustrating.  In fact they might not be as happy playing with this when they find out that there are no moving body parts and that they cannot position the people in different ways.


Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home


Product Summary:


The Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home is a home that your little one can enjoy.  This exciting home has lots of pieces to make it feel just like your own home.  The home plays twelve exciting songs to get your little one singing along.  There are also a ton of fun and exciting sounds in the home.  Plus there are a number of fun accessories like a family and SUV so that your little one can keep their family moving.


Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home

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