GordVE GV561 RC Drone 2.4GHz FPV VR Wifi RC Quadcopter

GordVE GV561 RC Drone 2.4GHz FPV VR Wifi RC Quadcopter

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I’ve been looking for an upgrade for my drone for a few months now. I had a cheaper drone, and it finally laid to rest when it crashed into a very large pine tree. I was devastated, and I wanted a drone that would be better than my last one. Considering I liked my last drone a lot, there were a lot of features that would need to be met in order to have a good buying experience. I really liked the features this one came with, and the price tag was right on the money. At just $83.99, This GordVE GV561 RC Drone 2.4GHz FPV VR Wifi RC Quadcopter is a great drone for a great price. I would definitely purchase it again. Here are my thoughts:

Best Feautres

The H style design is great. It makes for a very smooth flight, something I didn’t have with my last drone. The motors are quiet, and it is very sleek when it is high in the sky. The range is very nice as well, and I never have to worry about losing it. The one key return makes it so that it can’t get lost easily. There is a button you can press to do flips and rolls, and it can be accelerated nicely as well. Here are the specs:

Protective material:ABS
Drone battery:550 mAh Li-po battery
Charging time:about 100 minutes (USB Charging)
Flying time: about 8-9 minutes
Control distance: about 100 meters
Support mobile device:IOS / Android system
APP name: ZowFun UFO
Control Channels:4 Channels
Remote Type:Radio Control and Wifi Control
Gyroscope:6- axis
Light:night lights
Product dimension: 31*30*8.5cm
Package dimension: 49.5*32*9cm
Product weight: 0.9KG
Package weight: 1KG


What’s Included:

1* 4-axis drone
1*2.4GHZ remote control
1*HD camera
1*lithium battery
1*USB charger
4*Protection column


This GordVE GV561 RC Drone has everything I need. The flight is so much smoother than my last, I really didn’t know what I was missing until I had this. Also, I love the camera on this. The pictures are very clear, which is nice for some landscape shots that I like to shoot. It is a very well made drone and the material is strong and you don’t have to worry about it being damaged when I crash it.



I wish it came with a crash kit. While it seems very strong, it would be nice to have some back up parts in case of an emergency.

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Final Verdict

Overall, I am very happy with this drone. It far surpasses my last drone, and it is under $100. I am excited to get into controlling it better. I would recommend this for anyone who is a beginner or an expert on drones.